Hole in The Sky
My favourite track on the album. Written by Jude in Cliff Road, Camden, '95 and Holloway Road, '96. Starts with gentle Leslie guitar, then Steve comes in with a gossamer groove. I like the juxtaposition of a downbeat lyric with uplifting music. Some people thought this was about global warming or acid rain. To me it's much more personal; a song about regret, depression, even madness. The 'hole in the sky' always made me think of Bowie's line in 'Oh You Pretty Things' - "crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me". It's also a love song. The demo, which we slavishly tried to recreate, had a sort of luminous, mystical quality that matched lines like "wish you could see through my eyes". I think we got there in the end. Check the way the Hammond swells unbearably at 3.06 on the line "stay at home with me instead".