From An Early Morning Train
Before we get to the first song, a quick note on the album title. It was adapted from 'Street Noises Invade the House', a painting by Italian Futurist Boccioni from the 1920s. The painting doesn't do much for me; it's a swirling, busy mess of form and colour. But the title suggested a different idea; street noise as something soft in the distance: the ice-cream van or lawnmower heard on a summer's afternoon; the distant crack of fireworks on bonfire night; seagulls that provoke a sudden out-of-place memory. Several songs on the album refer to street noise, some of it of the more obvious variety such as in 'Skylight', but it's the quieter kind that fits in with the album's reflective, melancholic mood. Rain against a window pane on your 19th get the idea.
Anyway, 'From An Early Morning Train'. Every band should have a train song and this is ours. Another title echo, this time from The Blue Nile's 'From A Late Night train'. Written at Priory Terrace, West Hampstead in '99. That's Polly on BV's - last chorus and outro.